Large windows are beautiful and makes our home look wider, larger and more appealing. These windows are usually found in rooms with a spectacular view, either of the garden or of the scenery beyond. They also allow a lot of sunlight to enter the room.  Treatments for such large windows should be done in such a way that the amount of light entering the room can be managed, without disturbing the privacy or the view outside. Since wide windows often serve to be the main attraction in a room, it is necessary to dress them with proper care and great ideas to add an extra vow factor. Let’s get to know some tips that should be kept in mind while designing the wide windows are discussed below.

  • Pairing curtains with blinds: Privacy is the basic requirement of any house and sometimes the wide windows can be a hinderance to your privacy when they are overlooked. This can be overcome by combining the curtains with blinds which will solve the problem of privacy by still lighting up the room.
  • Pairing curtains with voiles: Mix and matching your favourite customized curtain with a sheer voile curtain is a practical and clever idea that also has a stunning effect. It will give you flexibility in maintaining the sunlight when it is sunny.
  • Using multiple curtains: a single pair of curtains will surely diminish the beauty of a big bay window. Instead, positioning multiple curtains along the window will help to create separate windows with more options for managing the light entering the room.
  • Extending curtain poles beyond the window frame: You are lucky to own a house that has large windows opening to fabulous views. So these windows should be dressed in a way that you can enjoy these great views at its fullest. If the curtain poles are fit beyond the window frame, you will be able to open the curtains completely without covering any part of the window and there will be no obstructions to the vista beyond.
  • Transforming wide windows as the main point of attraction: using curtains with vibrant prints and bold colours for the wide windows will help to enhance the beauty of the room and attract the people’s attention when they enter it.

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