Window coverings play a huge part in the interior design for commercial settings. The overall feel and vibe of your space often depends on the decision about which window covering to use, whether you’re managing a restaurant, hotel or office. The right decision depends on factors like function, price, maintenance and durability. Also, insulation, privacy, level of lighting and energy efficiency are also to be considered while deciding the best window covering.

We can help you make this right choice by assisting you in concept, design and fabric selection, measurement, quotation and installation. The knowledge and expertise gained by our team by working with construction companies, designers, architects and homeowners will help us to provide you with relevant and accurate information regarding window treatments.


Curtains approved by Kainga Ora are available for installation throughout the country. These curtains are made from fire-retardant, triple woven and insulating fabric in lighter shades to suit all interior room colours. Also, these curtains are: mould resistant, ironed before installation, machine washable and suitable for cool ironing. These are installed on curtain tracks, also approved by Kainga Ora, which are: made from rust-proof, robust aluminium, white powder coated and custom cut to required length.

Steps to get Kainga Ora approved curtains installed in your homes:

  • Send us window details and your concept about curtains
  • We provide options that best suits your ideas and send a quotation for the agreed curtains
  • We tailor make the curtains to meet your requirements after the quotation is approved
  • We deliver the curtains and its accessories to your address. We also provide professional installation service.

Window Details:
Our clients and contractors provide window information which we use to prepare quotations based on Kainga Ora requirements. It includes allowance to keep the fabric away from the glass during day and an allowance for insulation. Generally, we provide a ‘scoping kit’ which explains the required window information and how to send it to us. This helps reduce travel expenses for taking measurements.

Types of windows curtained in Kainga Ora house:
In a Kainga Ora property, we provide curtains for all windows in the lounge, living room, dining area and bedroom. Service areas like bathroom, kitchen, laundry and garage are usually not curtained. For insulation and privacy purpose, we also provide curtains for entranceways (only on request).

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