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    Curtains linings are an important part of curtains to provide functionality and enhance the overall look of your home decor. Here are the different types of curtain linings that you can choose from poly cotton, triple weave, thermal backout, and interlining.

    Poly cotton lining helps to protect the fabric of the curtains from sun fade. It adds fullness to curtains and is the most cost-effective option among all the lining options. It's important to note that this particular lining doesn't provide good insulation for the room.

    Triple Weave linings are mildew resistant and have the convenience of being machine washable. They provide excellent insulation properties, and can effectively block out 70-90% of light, making them an ideal choice for a range of environments.

    Thermal blackout lining is a popular choice for bedrooms or any other areas where complete darkness or insulation is required. It keeps the heat in during the winter and helps to block out the sun's rays during the summer, making it an excellent choice for energy-efficient homes. There are two types of coating: silicone and acrylic. Silicone coating is mold resistance lining, machine washable, and water repellant. Acrylic on the other hand is more cost-effective.

    Interlining is a layer of fabric that is placed between the curtain fabric and the lining. It provides additional insulation and volume to the curtains, making them look fuller and more luxurious. Interlining is often used in heavy drapes and curtains.


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