Temperature control in a house is extremely important during times of extreme climatic conditions. Whether it’s summer or winter, we need to make sure our homes are ready to withstand the weather. Doors and windows are the two main things that connect us with the outside world and are responsible for the heat or cold entering our homes. But with the perfect choice of window dressings, you can feel comfortable, even during the hottest summers and the coldest winters. The right window treatment lets you feel safe and cosy when the sun is burning, or when the winds are freezing. Let us know about the various heat blocking blinds.

Our homes should be a place that offers refuge and relief during the hot and humid summer months. Horizontal and vertical window blinds are the best choice to keep the house cool during these months as highly reflective blinds help to reduce heat gain by 45% when remained closed. Also, the slats can be adjusted to manage the entering light and air circulation in the rooms. If you prefer to dress your windows with curtains, then drapery fabrics are to the rescue. Since these fabrics lose heat through convection, it keeps the rooms cooler in summer.

The cold mornings, chilly winds and freezing nights of winter can be as cruel as summer. The insulating barrier offered by the cellular shades with honeycomb design ensures to keep you warm during such climates without restricting the amount of light entering the rooms. Vignette shades and Roman shades, which acts as a blanket to the rooms, is also a good option during the freezing winter months. Plantation Shutters can also be used as it provides good insulation due to the thick material used for its construction. Whichever type of curtain you use, the simple practice of closing them at night can reduce heat loss by almost 10%.

It is not easy to maintain the right level of coziness during a windy day in houses with no proper insulation. Just like we pull a favourite sweater during the winter, it is also necessary to dress the curtains to suit the season. Change to heavier drapes such as velvet or heavy linen as these rich and lush fabrics will prevent the gusty winds from entering in.

During Spring and Fall, when the weather changes from one extreme to another, a stable environment can be maintained in the house with proper window curtains. During such conditions, honeycomb shades are the smartest option. The layer of air trapped in the curtain acts as a guard between the room and the window, resulting in proper insulation during both extreme situations.

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