Most of us invest a lot of time in discovering the ways to stop the sun entering our homes, yet we still want to enjoy the view that our windows offer. If you have an astounding view from your home windows, you got to know more about the View Preserving Blinds. When you install these window blinds, you do not have to compromise even a bit on the functionality and you can enjoy the amazing benefits that these window treatments offer while maintaining your view. The right choice of the window dressings will preserve the beautiful view that your windows offer without compromising on your privacy and protection.

  • Sheer Shades: The look and feel of these shades prove to be a versatile and elegant solution with maximum light control. The soft and translucent fabric, sewn together to create internal veins, makes it light and airy leading to soft light control.
  • Sheer Drapery: the light and weightless sheer drapery are simple and dramatic, yet luxurious which adds a dreamy feel to the room. The delicate glow of the entering sunlight together with the soft and light coloured fabric of the curtain makes your house feel like a sanctuary. The vibrant pattern and rich hue of the coloured sheer drapery can add to the decorative interest without compromising on its delicacy and buoyant properties. It can also be paired with opaque drapery panels to preserve the privacy.
  • Solar Shades: the solar shades reduce the effect of the entering sunlight by allowing the beautiful view outside and providing a contemporary feel to the room. The level transparency and the amount of light required can be controlled by the available types of screen openness levels.

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