Rooms like kitchens and bathrooms encounter a lot of water and moisture everyday, so they should be dressed up with window treatments that are resistant to moisture and heat. It’s not just the bathrooms and the kitchen, the outdoors also needs to be considered as they experience rain, snowfall, etc. that ends up leaving moisture on the windows. If you do not install Moisture Resistant Window Treatments, there is no point of dressing up your windows as they do not withstand the moisture leftover on them.  These window treatments are strong enough to withstand the conditions for your humid rooms and stay strong and new for a longer duration.

Practicality should be your main priority when choosing window treatments for the windows in wet and humid areas. Due to these wet conditions, bathrooms develop mould and mildew on the window dressings, so the easiness to clean them should also be thought about. For these reasons, curtains and drapes can be ruled out.

Wood is another material that is not bathroom friendly. Moisture can enter through the small cracks on wood causing them to warp. There is no easy or quick repair for this and should be replaced with new ones. But if you love the natural look of wood, using bamboo or a good wood finish will be an option.

Blinds are easy to operate, to control the amount of light entering and also gives a good look to the room. The only problem is that it requires constant cleaning as the individual slats can attract grime and dust. But since they are made of moisture resistant and solid materials, it is comparatively easy to clean by simply running a cloth over them.

Another good option is aluminium blinds. You can choose between the variety of colours available and they are rust resistant as aluminium is a heavy metal.

Roller blinds can also be considered when you choose bathroom window treatments as they offer better privacy, do not warp and are easy to use. Choosing a light or waterproof fabric will make it easier to maintain and clean.

Nowadays, the idea of top down shades or blinds are gaining popularity. By placing them at the bottom of your window, you can get maximum privacy without compromising on the amount of sunlight flooding the bathroom through the top of the window.

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