Home should be the place where we feel the safest and most secure. Especially when we have kids or innocent pets at home, we must make sure that we create a safe space. One way to ensure safety to your home is to install smart and motorized window treatments because strangulation from window cords is one reason why children die at homes. Cordless, motorized, and smart motorized window treatments are considered Child Safe Window Treatments as they do not have dangling cords hanging all over. Create a happy place for your loved ones by keeping these safety points in mind while choosing your window treatments.

How safe are the window treatments?

There are different ways strangulation can happen to a child:

  • Placing heads into the loop of a dangling cord
  • Wrapping a single pull cord around the neck
  • Playing with the inside cords of a blind

Child Safety:

  • The window treatment industry has been working with the stakeholders and other officials to mitigate the risk and protect their consumers by developing safety standards for window treatments.
  • The industry also agrees that only coverings with inaccessible or no cords should be installed in homes with young children or infants.
  • Millions of dollars were invested by the industry to develop technologies that result in inaccessible cord or cordless option for every product in the market.
  • The industry also invested to develop and promote child safety awareness and education through social media and digital campaigns.

How to keep children safe around window treatments:

  • Keep the chains and cords outside the reach of children
  • Never knot, tie, or loop cords together
  • Proper installation of the shades and blinds
  • Teach your kids and pets to keep off from the blinds and shades by not allowing them to chew on or play with these coverings
  • Do not place any furniture or toys near windows
  • Check the window treatments of your child’s caregiver

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