Commercial Window Treatments


Window coverings play a huge part in the interior design for commercial settings. The overall feel and vibe of your space often depends on the decision about which window covering to use, whether you're managing a restaurant, hotel or office. The right decision depends on factors like function, price, maintenance and durability. Also, insulation, privacy, level of lighting and energy efficiency are also to be considered while deciding the best window covering. 

We can help you make this right choice by assisting you in concept, design and fabric selection, measurement, quotation and installation. The knowledge and expertise gained by our team by working with construction companies, designers, architects and homeowners will help us to provide you with relevant and accurate information regarding window treatments.

At Koikaa, we offer a wide range of window blinds and fabrics to create the right aesthetics and ambience for your environments. 

  • All drape and curtain styles
  • Roman blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Venetian blinds

If you're looking for the perfect window treatment for your commercial setting, please in touch with us now. 

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