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Custom Made Roman Blinds

We provide a wide selection of custom made roman blinds north shore at affordable prices. Buy linen roman blinds and enjoy the natural beauty of the fabrics in the Roman Blinds collection. Our Custom made Roman Blinds are made with precision and attention to detail which results in best quality curtains. Roman blinds fold into pleats and look neatly done as well as well-arranged and as the name suggests reflects quality and style in a royal and elegant way. 

    1. Plain Roman: These can be folded into pleats and when all of it is stacked up.
    2. Relaxed Roman: An uncomplicated way to explain this would be a curve in the middle as if it is dropping.
    3. Hobbled Shade: These reflect a waterfall dropping down and collecting at the bottom
    4. Rear Tucked: Its quite an elegant way of hiding the folded section of the curtain.

Our best seller are the linen roman blinds which are made out of 100% or blended linen fabric. They amplify the overall look and feel of the space where they are used. If you can't find your color choice. Supply your own fabric for custom roman blinds HERE

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