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Wooden Rods and Custom tracks

No window treatment is complete without rods and tracks. They are not only there to acts as a support structure as well as a pillar for your curtains to hang on, they are a style statement in themselves. There are different types of curtain rods. They range from metal to wooden to even a mix of multiple materials.


Having said that, the most elegant of them all are the wooden rods. Before the industrial revolution began, wooden rods were the choice of material for all curtain and draping work and the good news is that they are back in fashion. Wooden curtain rods can be used on all types of curtain designs for eg: they go great with pinch-pleat, flat panels, swags, tabs or rod pockets. Though the styling may have changed but usage of wood as a primary rod is still one of the most popular choice of material to be used for hanging curtains.

Using a wooden rod for curtains has its own benefits:

  1. Natural Product: With a wide variety of wood available in the market. You can select from a range of options. One can select the choice of rod according to price and preference.
  2. Warranty: All wooden rods purchased at Koikaa online store comes with a warranty of 2 years. It is more than sufficient to demonstrate the quality of our products.
  3. Customized Size: Though the maximum size available for purchase at Koikaa store is 380 CM or 3.8M that translates into 12.45 ft. This suffices the requirements of most of the homes. In case, there is a customized requirement, Koikaa team is there to assist you for your custom size order.
  4. Colors: We are offering a choice 5 color variants at the moment which we are sure to increase in the coming future. The colors are natural, rimu, walnut, white and marble.
  5. Shape: Even when the rod is bent they don’t form indentations at the bends like the metal versions. They can be bent upto a 135 degree angle.

Note: all wooden rod orders come with a pre-packaged Tracks, Gliders, Plastic End Stops/Caps, Brackets & Screws.

Curtain Tracks

curtains tracklong curtains track

One important aspect in window treatment that everyone forgets is the usage of tracks of right length. Many of us just don’t realize that we have been using standard curtain tracks in a straight line. There are several options such as long curtain tracks, round curtain tracks, custom made curtain tracks available. They not only handle those tricky corners, they also re-define the way window treatment is done.

In case, you have any questions pertaining to curtain rods and tracks. Feel free to contact the team of custom made tracks i.e. Koikaa. We will be happy to answer all your queries and help design the curtains of your choice.

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