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Tips for Choosing Right Curtain Designs: Grey Curtains

Choosing the right curtain is important, often you would find yourself in an overwhelmed state wherein you are too confused to choose the right one for you. Whether to go for ready-made grey curtains or for those special custom-made roman blinds. Every detail must be considered before making the purchase.  In this post, we offer top tips and suggestion for choosing curtains, drapes, and blinds.

TIP#1 – High Window Style

Often, you will find the rod just above the window casing which leaves an empty space above it. Many a time, this empty space is ignored or is filled up with mismatching painting or a craft piece purchased in your overseas visit. The rule of thumb is to bring the rod as high as your wall allows. The simple theory behind this is that this will make your room look taller, open and the ceiling will appear higher as well. If you don’t feel like going all the way to the top, it is perfectly ok to keep them halfway from the window and ceiling. 

TIP#2 Curtain Design Choice: Plain or Pattern

It is simple to identify what to select. If you have a room full of different patterns and designs, you must select a plain fabric curtain. It will act as a neutralizer and won’t make it as an overdone space. On the flip side, if you don’t have a lot of pattern in the walls, a pattern and stripes curtain design is a good option to bring life in a dull room.

TIP#3 Fabric Choice

It important to understand what you are going for, are you looking for a linen makeover or wish to go for a more luxurious look with Velvet Curtains. To decide on this, you must consider the room and its current aspects i.e. are the room more traditional and fancy type. Velvet curtains will make a great choice for such a living space. Another example can be a family room, Linen curtains and linen drapes will make a great statement than choosing a premium fabric like silk/velvet. 

TIP#4 Double Panel

A great designer trick is to order 2 sets of panels and double it up. It will make your window look bigger, fuller and it will add so much to your room.

TIP#5 Right Colour

Some of us don’t realize the importance of choosing the right shade and the right colour. White curtains can’t be cream and dark grey curtains are not black. So, it’s important to do some research about the colours, patterns and shades as not all walls will house the same shade. Each wall is different, and a colour shade should match with the overall theme of the place.


A lot of homes are using grey as a primary colour. It can either work wonders or turn into blueish/purplish/greenish shades depending on the lighting conditions. So, choosing a grey is tricky yet a classical choice. We are here to help you with the grey dilemma. If you are choosing silvery grey, remember the wall colour should be a softer shade of blue as unless this is done, your grey curtain may look like a shade of blue which won’t match anything. The best bet is to go for light grey curtains which will stay even under different lighting conditions. Check out our awesome collection here:


There are then cream-ish grey curtains which go well with beige, white and even darker shades of grey. The idea here is to help you understand that there are multiple options available when it comes to grey curtains and this might be a logical choice when styling your homes.

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