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Thermal Curtains: A great money saver plan

A home is not built in a day. It needs love and attention from everyone in the family. They way one designs and choose the décor of their home is a spitting image of their personality. Apart from the wall colors, curtains play an important role in defining the final look and transform a building into a home. They not only change the overall look and feel of the room, they easily serve the purpose of maintaining natural light balance, temperature and privacy.

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One such example is use of Blackout curtains, Blackout Blinds, Thermal Curtains and Blackout drapes. These are made from materials which are known to prevent from cold air getting into the homes as well as the warmer air inside of the room to escape. These custom made curtains are more than just temperature regulators, they also offer the same function to improve the interior of rooms. It is important to select the right colors that suits the existing background.

For example, if you are in a place that gets a fair share of cold weather such as Auckland, North Shore, Christchurch etc, it is imperative that along with the aesthetic appeal, curtains should be able to assist in balancing the temperature and for that thermal curtains should installed in homes. Thermal curtains as the name suggests, they assist in regulating the temperature of the room and thus, lower down the power consumption because of decreased thermostat requirements. Thermal curtains consist of an acrylic foam between layers making a great choice for winters.

It would not be wrong to call thermal curtains as blackout curtains. Though thermal curtains can act as blackout curtains, the same cannot be said for blackout curtains or for blackout blinds. Blackout curtains or blackout blinds are made of tightly knit fabric with lowest possible amount of gap within the fabric, thus allowing minimum light penetration and when used as double or triple layer, they literally blocks all the light out and won’t be as effective as thermal curtain in maintaining temperature levels.

Some of the benefits provided by Blackout curtains, Blackout Blinds, Thermal Curtains and Blackout drapes are listed below:

  1. Noise Reduction: Since, Blackout curtains, Blackout Blinds, Thermal Curtains and Blackout drapes have multiple layers, they reduce the amount of noise going outside and coming inside. So, after installing these curtains your loud music sessions won’t affect the neighbors. They dampen the decibel levels considerably.
  2. Maintaining Natural Light Balance: All of these custom curtains help in maintaining natural light balance as they don’t allow light to go through them. Thus, allowing only the required amount of light to pass when spread out. Giving the necessary privacy to homes.
  3. Reduced Power Bills: Blackout curtains, Blackout Blinds, Thermal Curtains and Blackout drapes aid in regulating the temperature of room and the thermostat is not needed for longer hours. A study suggested that use of thermal curtains can reduce energy bills by upto 20%.

These are not cheap curtains to start with as they are custom made curtains, it’s an investment that pays off with time. To start saving instantly, you must buy drapes online, they will offer good offers such as cheap curtains because of limited overhead costs, clearance curtains to make way for new inventory, Important thing here is to find a place that offers cheap curtains or clearance that can be custom made and are affordable.

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