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Roman Blinds: the practical choice

Custom Made Roman Blinds

We have seen over the years; a lot of curtain and blind designs come and go. Right from simple drapes to elaborate decoration with multiple fabric custom made window treatment. Some look great and some just look plain and bland. Then there are some designs which never go out of fashion and are no-nonsense but a beautiful statement on the window.


custom made roman blinds

One of the designs that never go out and stand out in home and commercial spaces is the Roman blinds type of window treatment. They can be styled in multiple ways and the choice of fabric is unlimited. Right from standard cotton fabric to high end silk, you can get custom made roman blinds done through Koikaa’s expert team of window décor.

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Roman Blinds are used in commercial spaces and in homes too. They come as a bundle of benefits wherever they are installed. Some of the benefits of custom made roman blinds are as follows:

  1. Space Saver: Roman blinds are neat and they don’t need a lot of space. They can be installed within a space of 3-4 inches within the window area. The installation also doesn’t need drilling in the front walls. Installation is relatively simple and doesn’t need a lot of people for help and assistance.
  1. Neat Look: Instead of drapes falling all over the place and being difficult to manage. Roman blinds pulled upwards making a stack like shape instead of a free-falling piece of fabric. This is what sets the roman blinds apart from the others.
  1. Natural Light Management: Traditional window curtain comes with a limitation of opening horizontally which may lead to the sun directly entering your eyes and it becomes a bit of a problem. With Roman blinds unfolding horizontally, they lead to easy management of natural light in the room.
  1. Easy Operation: Roman blinds come in 2 options, a simple one that uses a cord to pull the blinds up or down or one can go for the more custom job of motorized versions for high end versions.
  1. Cost Benefit: Even when you order custom made roman blinds, they will use upto 25% lesser fabric and will be cost effective for user.
  1. A True Classic: Roman blinds have been here for centuries and they don’t show any sign of slowing down in terms of popularity. We now a days see a lot more styling being done on Roman blinds than any other window treatment format.
  1. Multiple Choice Design: There are 4 commonly used designs of roman blinds and the user can get them custom made in their choice of plain, hobbled, relaxed and rear tucked roman blinds style.
  1. Choice of Fabric: Choice of fabric start right like the old time Romans with cotton or linen curtains and customization has no limit with the range expanding from blackout, thermal, silk or velvet and all other options, colours, shapes and patterns.

Checkout a couple of examples of the collection we offer on Koikaa website. The first one is a white coloured design and the next one is a printed fabric. The choice is endless. We at Koikaa offer way more than roman blinds. We also specialize in making velvet curtains, linen curtains, thermal/blackout curtains, net curtains and curtains in endless designs and fabric.

Roman BlindsCustom Made Roman Blinds

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