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Make over with Linen Curtains

Home makeovers are never complete without a stylish and effective window treatment. Window treatment options such as drapes, curtains are made of many materials which directly means that you will have a lot of options when you decide to buy window curtains for your living space.

When talking about options, there are curtains available in silk, cotton, polyester etc but the one fabric that stands out from the rest of them is Linen. Linen curtains are not only light weight, they are also more versatile and easy to style. Though light weight, Linen is 3 times stronger than cotton and is durable for years. Linen drapes are free-flowing fabric, easy to maintain and looks great on walls. They have a longer life span and they are dirt resistant which makes them fresh looking for longer duration. Not only that, cleaning them is relatively simple, all you need is a soft brush to remove excess dirt.


Linen DrapesLinen Blinds

There are many ways in which you can use linen curtains, some of the designs options are:

Linen Drapes: You can simply drape the curtain over a rod without having to worry about styling, pleating as such. These wrinkly curtains look fragile but compliments a textured wall better than any other. You can also go for flat linen drapes instead of giving it a wrinkled effect.

Custom Made Linen Roman Blinds: Linen blinds looks great when stacked up one over the other in vertical blinds. They not only help in insulating, they also give a professional appeal. Linen roman blinds are ideal for commercial spaces and business houses.

Standard Linen Curtain: Hanging linen curtains in a pair that can be pulled apart to opposite directions makes a basic and standard window treatment. Alternatively, one can use a valance in bigger rooms to give aesthetically appealing window impression.

Opaque Look: When looking for natural light, there is no better window treatment option than Linen curtains, these not only work as an insulator they create an opacity effect wherein they let some portion of the light inside the room while keeping the privacy in check.

If you are looking for high quality curtains, you must know that most of the available options are linen blends and finding the right place that offers 100% linen curtains is a bit difficult. Not anymore, find a wide selection of high-quality linen curtains at Koikaa. Made of 100% linen, these linen curtains look sophisticated and rich in your bedroom or living room. Not only these, we offer different kinds of cotton curtains, white curtains, grey curtains along with a range of thermal and blackout curtains.

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