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Linen Inspired curtains in Australia

Linen curtains are an ideal choice of material for typical Australian homes. They are different than urban home. Be it Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast or Adelaide, it comprises of a lot of open spaces with lots of windows. Curtains are an essential part of the Australian home setup and with emphasis on clean and green energy. Natural lighting is being given preference over artificial lighting. With more and more homes opting for better natural lighting, 

A well thought and executed linen curtain drapery changes the appearance of a property completely.  This can be achieved by hiring a professional interior designer or by following some basics. With a little bit of research and planning, linen designs and drapes go on to transform an ordinary room into something meaningful. As if the fabric hanging on the wall is serving a purpose. It is meant to function in the intended way either to block prying eyes/natural light/sound or to welcome a breeze of fresh air.

Australian Window Treatment tips?

What is more important a great looking home or something that is well-built with substandard window treatment? 

Some of the prime reason you will in fabulous looking homes within limited spaces are the choices made while deciding the fabric material, design and an uncompromising vision.

Choice of Fabric:  Linen is one fabric that is undeniably one of the best one available for window treatment. It is super important to zero in on the type of fabric you want. Whether to go for 100% natural or blended option. This will determine the cost of fabric which will increase the cost of restructuring the windows designs. We have a range of blended fabric with a 20:80 ratio to 100% linen fabrics. 

Check out: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/linen-and-cotton-curtains

Curtain Rod and Tracks: Another thing that needs to be considered before your linens are draped is the selection of the right set of curtain tracks and rods. We at Koikaa believe that nothing other than wooden rods will suffice and enhance your curtains. Natural products always look better with complementing natural accessories. This is one aspect that homeowners ignore and they go in for cheap metal tracks and the effect is less than mesmerising.

Design: It is super important to not fall prey of the over the top and castle type curtain designs. Yes, they look great and nothing may be better. Having said all of that, one thing that homeowners need to ensure is to act the space. For eg: In case, you have a castle you are welcome to have grand curtain designs and if space is limited it is best to go in for minimalistic curtain designs.

Colour: One common mistake self-proclaimed interior designers make is the mismatch of wall and curtain colour shades. Linen is something that doesn’t look good even if they are slightly mismatching. One must definitely do a little bit of research before investing in linen. A fitting example of a mismatch is the usage of linen curtains against textured walls.

Check out some beautiful Linen Curtain:

1. Grey Linen Curtains: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/linen-and-cotton-curtains/products/alisa-grey-linen-curtains

2. Pure Linen Curtains: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/linen-and-cotton-curtains/products/linna-pure-linen-curtains

3.Blended Linen: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/linen-and-cotton-curtains/products/alisa-cream-curtains

Curtain draping like a PRO.

linen curtains melbourne

By following these simple steps homeowners can transform window treatment design like a pro.

  1. THE HEADER: Linen is something that will look bad if the header is not done right. The header is as important as the rest of the curtain. A simple solution is to go in with round hoops and they will look decent as well won’t look out of place.
  1. CURTAIN LENGTH: Perhaps the most important mistake that most homeowners make is adjusting the curtain length. Some make it short and some drape them to wipe the floor area. The ideal length is 1-2 cm above the floor area to give it a tailored look.
  1. ROD POSITIONING: General rule of thumb is to go higher to the ceiling to give the room a fuller look. Curtains hanging from above the window look sparse and most of the times, the remaining wall section doesn’t house anything and stays empty.

With Koikaa, you can order free linen swatches as check them before ordering. This one of a kind initiative is offered to ensure you get to feel the fabric before you order without having to visit a store.  We offer free shipping on all orders above $200 which is well under a standard order when revamping your window décor.

At Koikaa, we believe in bringing fair value price to all our customers and that has allowed us to offer free shipping to all our customers.

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