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Koikaa goes Down Under: Trans-Tasman delivery

We will start with a famous saying, “quality is never an accident. It is the result of sincere efforts, honest intention, dedication and wise choice among alternatives”. It is perhaps one of the very few elements that can make or break a brand completely. We at Koikaa have strongly believed in maintaining the quality and that has enabled us to be the top choice window treatment and accessories provider in New Zealand.

After a successful 2-year Journey in New Zealand and we now are expanding and shipping all over. Having said that, our extended trans-Tasman family have started ordering and we have successful orders from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. 

The Journey down under

It all started with an order from Mr. Jeremy Wagner that sparked our interest to go global. The order was for custom made linen curtains and to ensure that we don’t mess up with our first order from Australia, we set up a video call with him where he detailed the requirements. We did what he wanted and the result shows in google reviews. We received a 5-star review on our first international order. This kick-started our efforts to improve our presence across the Tasman sea and we started an online promotion. Since then, we have been getting orders from Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Gold Coast and all major Australian cities on the eastern side.


  1. Preparing Ourselves: The biggest challenge is this world is to think, accept and walk beyond one’s comfort zone. We are no different. Koikaa was growing in New Zealand and we were happy, but we never contemplated the idea of going big, the thought of delivering internationally seemed to be a challenge.
  2. Shipping & Logistics: Finding the right logistics partner initially was difficult. Then we met our choice of partner everything seemed to fall in place. They helped us with various aspects of shipping internationally like packaging, delivery, insurance, how to save on shipping etc. We understood that no one is going to buy from us if the shipping is high for that we decided to eat up some of the cost to ensure we don’t lose international customers. We were able to match Australian businesses in terms of shipping charges.
  3. Customers: Ordering a relatively unknown business based in a different country is a courageous decision. With positive reviews online, we have businesses, individuals and brands recommending us visibly on Google reviews. It must have helped us in bagging that order. Getting the first one was a bit difficult and it took some time but since then we have a regular inflow of linen and velvet curtain orders from Australia.

Our Bestseller Curtains in Australia

velvet curtains adelaidelinen curtains adelaide

From our recent experience, we understand that there are two types of curtains that Australians love.

  1. Linen curtains: It gets too hot during the summers in Australia and people want comfort. Linen fabric becomes an ideal choice and we receive regular orders for linen and related fabrics.
  2. Velvet Curtains: This may sound as a surprise to many but we actually get a healthy number of velvet curtain orders from Australia. Gold velvet curtains are our best sellers over there.

If you are wondering about our brand identity, we are Koikaa, a custom curtain business from Auckland, New Zealand. We have an experienced in-house team for custom orders pertaining to window treatment designs. Kim, the owner of Koikaa curtains is always there to help on FB messenger or direct call in case you have any questions or issues with your product.

We offer linen curtains, blackout curtains, cotton curtains, net curtains, sheers and voiles. Koikaa left no stone unturned to offer a collection that will definitely match your requirement and style.

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