If it's a house, curtains are the most important things. It actually gives an aesthetic look to space, especially a residential place. Due to the increasing demand of people having a world-class fancy look to their homes around the world, there are different types of curtains in Auckland. One can choose as per their choice. Different parameters like colours, availability of curtains with diverse length, fabric, curtain hams and accessories make things more crucial while choosing curtains Auckland.

Well, you may find there are some good options to choose the curtains for your home or for office space. But believe me, there are so many options available that may confuse you. Some really have nice collections but some just lame even in their available curtain collections as well as the price tag. To simplify things, we have written some of the quick tips that will help you to pick up the desired options.


Colour can make or break your house's looks. You must ensure the texture of your home before buying curtains in Auckland. A better composition of fabric and colouring is all people wanted to choose while selecting them online. In addition, the fabric plays a very important role in blocking the heat and light of the Sun. The thick fabric also helps in restricting the outside noise. If we talk about colours, there are numerous colours to choose from.


Curtain fabric

Some of the popular fabrics are:

  1. Velvet Curtains
  2. Thermal Curtains
  3. Linen Curtains
  4. Silk Curtains
  5. Sheer Curtains

It completely depends on the customers’ choice what they actually want. As some like soft and subtle looks and that can be bestowed with the help of lighter shades curtains. On the other hand one can get the perfect combination by blending the sheer curtains with lighter or darker shades.

A Secret Tip- Keep in your mind while buying online curtains in Auckland.
Solid or plain curtains with thick fabric work well with patterned decor whereas you can consider patterned curtains with dots, different prints, etc if you have solid colour furniture. If you have another option in your mind or finding it difficult to choose you are always welcomed. Contact Experts


Right curtain length

Curtains with short lengths are a bit old school. Nowadays, curtains are generally of floor length. To give an aesthetic look an extra length of almost 4 to 5 centimeters is left that makes puddles in the floor. Believe me!! It adds extra charm to the house. In fact, it blocks extra light from entering the house.

Before you buy them online, you must measure the exact length. As the length may vary from window to window. Ensure how many pieces you want for a particular space. Likewise, the dimensions of windows and doors may differ from one room to another.

Secret TIP!!
OK, here too I am going to give an extra tip for you. I hope it will be an extra bonus for you. Here we go.
Well, if you have pets in your home then puddle curtains are not a good option for your house. In addition, this is a costly option that really doesn't work well if you are looking for cheap or pocket-friendly options. Because these curtains often need a thorough washing or dry cleaning. 

Where to mount the curtain rod? Ask Experts 


The exact width of your curtains is determined by the width of your door or window. But the types of hems often are responsible for the width of the curtains. They are generally known as curtain headings. Moreover, they bestow a beautiful look to the place. The different styles of hems may offer feminine, casual, formal, or sleek looks. All depend on the individuals’ choice.

Some Curtain Headings:

  1. Wave Heading-
  2. Eyelet Heading
  3. Tab-Top Heading
  4. Pleated Heading
    • New York pleat
    • Dutch pleat
    • Pencil pleat
    • French pleat
    • Inverted pleat
  5. Rod-Pocket Heading

Just keep in mind the curtains offer wavy look if they are properly mounted. So, put them accurately in the rod as per the width of the window or door. Be Careful! The extra curtain count may mess up the look. Therefore, it is important to put the exact number of curtains into the rod. Not too much not too less.

Do you want to ask something? Want expert advice!!

Expert advice on curtains selection

We at Koikaa, are helping our clients to choose the best curtains in budget-friendly options. Our impeccable curtain collection professionally designed and made by the experts is enough to fulfil your requirements. Our custom made curtains have made us ideal and unique than other certain sellers and special for curtain buyers. Let’s turn your imagination into reality and let’s plan it in advance to get the best out for your home. Share your query with us. We will give you the finest option for curtains in Auckland.

Kim Phung
Kim Phung

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