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Give your Home Décor a New Makeover with Curtains

Whether you are decorating your home or planning to renovate your entire house, curtains certainly play an important role in giving the final beauty and finishing touch to the aesthetics. Think about how you can add the most attractive yet sober visual appeal by carefully selecting the curtains that compliment your décor.

Curtains are of different types and sizes based on the uses, requirements, and place of installation. From among the various types of curtains Auckland, the most commonly preferred are the Thermal curtains.

Thermal Curtains

Made of thick, heavy materials such as cotton or polyester, these curtains provide increased privacy while preventing air from entering or escaping your window.

  1. Thermal Curtains

It is a good idea to select styles that compliment the décor of your rooms. Also, take care of the length to elevate the look of your window.

Before one goes ahead and buys the thermal curtains, it is important to learn about the benefits by reviewing your requirements with respect to size, color placement in the room etc.

Benefits of thermal curtains are as follows:

  • They control the temperature of your home both in winters and summers. There is no other way that you can stop the cool air from entering your home during winters or prevent the same from leaking outside during summers. Only thermal curtains help in this.
  • Energy saving is another huge benefit of installing thermal curtains. Thermal drapes reduce summer heat by 79%. In the winter, regular drapes will reduce cold by 10% while thermal drapes reduce heat loss by 80%.
  • Provide visual and sound privacy by blocking unnecessary noise and light. One can easily relax in a peaceful atmosphere in the rooms with these curtains.
  • To get the most from your thermal drapes, be sure to close them at night, and even use velcro to keep them sealed.

Clearance Curtains

Usually recommended for high traffic rooms where the footfall is likely to be huge, clearance curtains enjoy the reputation of adding luxury to the surroundings.

  • Clearance curtains instantly add space and height to the room and give a luxury feel to the place.
  • The curtains also help flaunt richness during high profile events.
  • The design, color and styles of all clearance curtains are among the best in the industry and hence give an attractive visual appeal when one looks at them.
  • Clearance curtains are operated through a panel installed inside and are hence extremely user-friendly, helping in smooth operations.
  • Clearance curtains can be easily tied together, clearing the view of the outside window and allowing light and air to come inside. Once they are tied at both end, it creates a beautiful visual treat for the eyes.

Allow your home to turn into a luxurious view simply by adding varied curtains and making a lasting impression on your friends, family, and guests. Invite them often and enjoy a great company, even as they appreciate your aesthetic and interior decoration sense, all thanks to the curtains.

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