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Curtain Tracks and Rods for window treatment

Koikaa curtains are growing and we have been in a constant state of change since our inception. We started with a limited range of curtains and then moved on to a full-fledged range of blended and 100% pure range of fabrics. Our range not only includes fabrics of different sorts, but we also house a range of curtain track and rods.

Along with our standard line of curtains that has hundreds of products in linen, cotton, velvet, sheer, patterns and colors category. We have added a curtain tracks section to help our customers to find all window treatment hardware in one place enabling them to choose and decide the best accessories they should be using in their homes.

Custom made tracks

Curtain Tracks plays an essential part in window décor. Not only these are used for hanging the curtains, but they also reflect the styling one wishes to achieve. Our starting collection houses 5 types of curtain tracks and rods:

Wooden Curtain Rods: One of the best accessories to use are the wooden rods. They are natural and are available in multiple colors and can be used as needed. A single wooden rod when ordered via us comes with wooden finials and if the customer want’s we can pack resin finials at an extra charge.

Visit Page: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/curtains-track/products/wooden-curtain-rods

Wheel Runner Tracks: These tracks are best suited for light weight fabrics like sheer, cotton and linen. They are simple and easy to install. Wheel tracks are hung close to the ceiling and are generally made up of plastic and metals. The user can hang the curtains using hooks.

Visit Page: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/curtains-track/products/wheel-runner-tracks

Sheer Easy Fit Curtain Tracks: As the name suggests these are used to hang super light fabrics like sheer. These curtains are one of the most affordable curtain tracks available in the market. The maximum length of a single track is 6M which is sufficient for most walls.

Visit Page: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/curtains-track/products/m-system-easy-fit-curtain-tracks

Wavefold Tracks: What’s in the name, basically everything. Wave fold tracks are used when you want your curtains to resemble a wave like pattern. It is also known as S fold curtain or ripple fold design. A little bit of planning goes a long way, this is true with our wave fold curtain tracks, you will be surprised to see the stunning results once these are installed.

Visit Page: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/curtains-track/products/wavefold-track

Easyfit Curtain Tracks: Available in multiple colors, these are your all-purpose tracks and as the name suggest they are simple and easy to use. Our tracks are made up of high-quality aluminium.

Visit Page: https://koikaa.co.nz/collections/curtains-track/products/sheer-easy-fit-curtain-tracks

Note: They can bend 90, 135 and 225 degrees which is suitable for your bends of all kinds. A standard order contains tracks, 14 gliders per meter, plastic end caps, screws and 2 brackets per meter.


What should I Order?

While wooden rods offer superior design and serve the same purpose, they generally have a higher cost. On the other hand, curtain tracks are made specifically for function and don’t offer any artistic value. So, the choice should be made on your budget and in case the budget is not an issue. Wooden rods offers good value for money and curtain tracks are good for minimalist designs as preferred by millennials.


Any Questions?

We understand that making the right choice or having a second opinion matters. For that, our team of experts is ready to answer any question you have. Get in touch and let us explore unlimited possibilities.

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