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Cheap and Custom Made Curtains: Buy Curtain Online in Auckland, NZ

Koikaa is an online curtain, drapes and blinds store in Auckland, New Zealand. Our goal is not only to be the best curtain shop in Auckland, but we aim to be New Zealand’s first choice of home-grown curtain brand for all kinds of window treatment requirements. We are not just limited to Auckland as a service area, we deliver across New Zealand with North Shore as one of the nearest delivery locations. Rather than going to a store and feel left out on options. Drive to our location using google maps or visit us online at Koikaa.co.nz to select from a wide range of colours, fabric, designs and patterns options.

Now, a lot of you must be thinking it would be better to drive yourself to a nearby store and check the curtains in person and get to see the fabric in person. This is where we are different than the rest of the online retailers in Auckland, North Shore and the whole of New Zealand. You can order a free swatch at the convenience of a few clicks and compare the fabric if you must by visiting any home store located in your area. There are a lot of curtains and drapes stores in Auckland and North Shore.


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Solid Colors: These are modern and simple for that no-nonsense look. A good thing about using solid colour curtains is that you can blend them with a lighter/darker shade or just match them in contrast. Be it the trending grey curtains, white curtains or any other solid colour. We have a full range of high quality curtains ranging from grey, gold, green, red, white, black and more colours. 

Our Colour Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE

Patterns and Stripes: Do not take these curtains lightly. One can add patterns and designs against those dull and boring single colour walls with no texture/designs. With prices starting at $39, these are cheap and are the best window treatment option available for those budget-centric makeovers.

Our Patterns & Stripes Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE

Thermal Curtains: Here’s the real deal, with 3 layers of fabric, you can rest assured that these curtains will prevent heat loss in those cold winter days. They might cost you a bit but are a decent power saving option and help reduce the power consumption and you can save from power bills. Not that costly Afterall.

Our Thermal Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE

Sheer Curtains: Looking for a cool and open atmosphere. Net curtains/Sheer curtains are the best bet. They not only allow more natural light to come through them, but they also make create an open atmosphere by letting you see the outside world through them.

Our Sheer Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE

Velvet Curtains: This is our best-selling product. Shop for these high quality premium fabric velvet curtains. Velvet set the bar high with its premium feel and the word luxury goes synonymous with it. Velvet curtains are ideal for Bedrooms and personal spaces.

Our Velvet Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE

Linen Curtains: Linen is one fabric that you can’t go wrong with, be it iron-straight linen or just wrinkled one. They look great in every colour, shape and size. We offer linen drapes, linen roman blinds, custom made orders as per size and specifications. Apart from the traditional White and cream, our linen curtain range also has multiple shades of blue, green, grey curtains.

Our Linen Curtain Collection: CLICK HERE


Thermal CurtainGrey CurtainsLinen Curtains

New Update: We recently started our easy fit tracks range that fit well with our curtains. These can match any window design such as standard windows to bay windows. Check out our page for information.


If you are looking for cheap curtains, we do have a clearance curtain range that has an up to 40% off offer on our current range of curtains.

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