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Buy Drapes Online: How to save more

It’s important to understand the little things about online shopping when you decide to buy drapes online. We here will talk about all the thing that we need to consider before making the purchase so that when your shipment arrives you don’t have to worry about anything else apart from how your wall looks. While making a purchase online, prepare a list of the following and you’ll receive high quality curtains buy paying low costs.


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  1. Curtain Size: The size of a curtains makes a difference in the overall look and feel of the room and there are a variety of sizes available. Perhaps, the first and foremost consideration should be the size of the drape, curtain, blinds. Normally, you can buy them in different sizes ranging from 5, 7 and 9 foots. Custom sizes are also available but then, these are the standard issue. These are the actual drop size of the curtain. These are factory cut pieces so the chances of them coming short of what you ordered is almost none. You can also order custom curtains with a measurement of your choice.
  2. Number of Curtains: One very important rule when you buy drapes online is to ensure the number you need to order. When you order one curtain, drape, blind you will get only one piece. Always, remember there are at least 2 curtains on a window and you must buy a pair to avoid disappointment on your purchase.
  3. Fabric: Choose a fabric based on the look you want and how much light you want inside of the room. Natural colors go anywhere but if you want curtains to be a focal point of your room, look for brighter colors and bold patterns. Linen Curtains are a must have now a days.
  4. Requirements: Everything that glitters is not gold, so rather than ordering something that’s good looking is not the way forward but ordering something that serves the purpose will always make sense and help in retaining faith during your next shopping.

Important Tip: If you want your room to look taller and more open, arrange your curtains higher and not just above the window. The higher the curtains, the bigger the room.


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If you are looking to buy drapes online Instead of visiting the stores like Target, Tessuti, Trade Aid etc you can look for online alternatives and trust us, they are not as expensive as they look. Koikaa, online store operating from Auckland, New Zealand, offer free shipping on all the range available along with an additional 5% discount on the order if you subscribe with us. Not only that, we have a clearance curtain section wherein you can enjoy upto 40% discount on orders.

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